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Gold Valuation Made Simple

Gold has been valued by civilizations for thousands of years and continues to be used and traded as an asset of real value. Even today, gold is one of the best, if not the best asset for collateral pawn loans. Customers can easily sell their gold or get pawn loans against Gold with only a […]

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When is it the right time to cash in on your gold?

Gold is a commodity that is traded internationally. The standard rule of thumb for investing in gold is to buy low and sell high. While this is a sound investment practice, applying it in the real world can be difficult. After all, gold could be high, but go even higher the next day. Like all […]

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How the Price of Gold Is Calculated

Many people are leery of selling their gold valuables to a pawn shop. After all, most people don’t understand how the price of gold is calculated and therefore don’t know how to determine if they’re getting a fair deal. This is certainly understandable, especially if you’re going to be visiting a pawn shop where you’ve […]

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