Gold Valuation Made Simple

Gold has been valued by civilizations for thousands of years and continues to be used and traded as an asset of real value. Even today, gold is one of the best, if not the best asset for collateral pawn loans. Customers can easily sell their gold or get pawn loans against Gold with only a small amount of gold.

At Hat City Pawn, we will consider a wide range of gold items including gold coins, bullion and jewelry. In addition to buying gold, we also sell gold from our stock. We pride ourselves in offering competitive prices. In fact, we strive to offer the best prices in town. Stop by and receive a free no obligation quote for your gold today.

If you’re interested in selling gold, you may be wondering how gold is valued. When you bring your gold jewelry into Hat City Pawn, we perform a nondestructive acid test to accurately measure the purity of your precious metal jewelry. The purity of precious metal jewelry, including gold, is measured in karats.

Once we have determined the purity of your gold jewelry, we will weigh the individual items and provide you with an offer based on their weight and purity. We guarantee to pay the highest price for gold and will not be beat by another pawn shop or gold buyer. Gold jewelry valuation is a quick and easy process at Hat City Pawn.

How to Pawn Gold

How to Pawn Gold

While many customers come in with gold jewelry to sell or pawn, others come in with gold bullion or gold coins. Gold bullion typically has set weight and purity, so it is not necessary to weigh or perform a nondestructive acid test on bullion. As a result, the value of gold bullion can be quickly determined based on the current market price for gold.

Gold coins are a little tricky because their value is based on their gold value and their collectible value. While some gold coins are only worth their gold value due to a lack of collectibility, other gold coins are worth far more than their gold value due to their collectibility. Many pawn shops have pawn brokers who are experts in the collectibility of gold coins and can help explain the value of your gold coins based on their gold value and their collectibility.

Gold is known universally for its value. As a result, it is an ideal item to sell or pawn. While some pawn shops and gold buyers make the gold valuation process seem overly complex, you can see that it is really quick straightforward. At Hat City Pawn, our pawnbrokers are friendly and always willing to give you an honest and competitive valuation for your gold.