What’s the Average Value of Your Home Contents?

The contents of your home may be much more valuable than you think. In fact, the average household is underinsured by over $20,000. While it is easy to remember to include your valuables such as jewelry, fine artwork and antiques in your estimates of the value of your possessions, it is just as easy to overlook some of the more common, everyday items that can truly add up.

Home furnishings – The furnishings in your home can be quite valuable. On average, households have approximately $6,000 worth of furnishings in their homes. When you’re looking at freeing up some cash at a pawn shop, you might look around for an unused, but valuable piece of furniture, lighting fixture, rug or drapery.

White goods – Many people take white goods such as refrigerators, washers and dryers for granted. However, when you remodel, you might consider pawning them instead of sending them to the junkyard. Most homes have $3,000 worth of white goods in their home

Home and garden tools – Believe it or not, your home and garden tools likely add up to some serious cash. On average, people have $1,800 worth of tools sitting in their garages. Look around for any tools that never get used and stop by your local pawn shop. You’ll free up space in your garage and make a little spending money at the same time.

Kitchen and cookware – Kitchen appliances and cookware can be very valuable. If you have appliances or cookware taking up space on your counters or cabinets, you might be able to sell it to a pawn shop for a respectable price.

Toys – Children go through toys rather quickly. One day they might be obsessed with a toy and the next it will sit and collect dust for months. As you clear out your child’s toys, you might consider making a trip to your local  pawn shop with the more valuable ones.

Wardrobes – You might have a goldmine in your closets. On average, people have around $15,000 worth of items in their wardrobe at any given time. It might seem hard to believe, but when you consider your professional garments, casual garments and recreational garments, you likely have a substantial amount of value in your dressers and closets.