What you need to sell or pawn your Ipad

Whether your selling your Ipad yourself or selling/pawning to Norwalk or Danbury stores.  There is a couple of things you will need for a smooth transaction.  The first thing you will need is the four digit pass code to get into the device.  Also, Apple has recently launched the new IOs 7 operating system and added several security measures to boot.

They have added the new find my Iphone app, which allows the user to locate his/her Ipad if it becomes lost or stolen.  In order to sell the device the find my Iphone app must be deactivated otherwise the Ipad cannot be reset and customized for the new user.  In order to deactivate this app the user will have to know his/her Apple ID password to deactivate and reset the device.

Hat City Pawn goes through every Apple device it purchases and guarantees the it is in proper working condition.  Stop by today and check out what we have available in our Danbury and Norwalk stores.