What are the most valuable coins for collectors?

Coins can be valued on what they are worth as a currency, what they are worth to collectors and what they are worth for the metals they contain. Coin collectors generally collect them for what they are worth to collectors. This is known as the numismatic value.

Here are the a few of the most valuable coins for collectors in the United States:

1913 Liberty Head V Nickel $4,500,000

These coins are extremely rare. In fact, they are so rare that there are only 5 known to exist. Hence their high value to collectors.

1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar $502,000

There were only 100,000 of these coins issued. Many are believed to have been melted down for the silver. The intrinsic value (the value of the coins for the metal they contain) is only approximately $12.49. Can you imagine having melted one of these down with a numismatic value at $502,000?

1901 Morgan Silver Dollar $325,000

813 of these coins were issued at the Philadelphia mint in 1901. Collectors may want to look out for errors such as double die revers errors, which are worth more than the standard coins. In perfect condition, these can command prices over $325,000.


1901 Morgan Silver Dollar

1889 CC Morgan Silver Dollar $300,000

There were 350,000 of these coins produced. In poor condition they are valued around $1591 and $300,000 in perfect condition.

1944 Steel Wheat Penny $100,000

The 1944 Steel Wheat Pennies are very rare because there were only a few ever minted. All were released into circulation in error. As a result, they are selling for around $100,000 to collectors.

If you have a coin collection and are interested in pawning or selling it, you should stop by your local pawn shop. Pawn shops are always interested in looking at coin collections. You may not have a coin collection worth thousands of dollars, but your coin collection may command a respectable price. Either way, it’s always fun to know the value of your collections.

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