Tips on Selling your Gold

Some tips on selling your gold to a pawn shop or gold buyer:

If the Gold buyer starts off by saying “how much do you want for it?” then it’s probably a good idea to try the next pawn shop or gold buyer, he is trying to scam you hoping you give him a low price.  This buyer will pay you as little as possible.

Know what you have, don’t let him pay you for 14k gold if you have 18k gold.

Don’t let him confuse you with weight measurements (pennyweights vs grams).

Always go to at least three gold buyers before you make a decision. Don’t be rushed or pressured. Just take one piece into each shop and ask for their best price. The reward can be well worth your time.

All Connecticut Pawnshops and Gold buyers have to pay you by check however; pawnshops have the ability to cash their own checks while Gold buyers cannot.