The Strangest Things Pawned in 2013

Pawn shops are full of all kinds of interesting, crazy and astonishing stories. People from all walks of life come into pawn shops each day with their own set of stories to tell. When people clean out their attics, renovate their homes, move into new homes or simply stumble across items in their everyday lives, they come to pawn shops to cash in. Many of these findings are valuable and quite astonishing 

What are a few of the most astonishing items pawned in 2013? Perhaps near the top of the list is the sewer jewelry that three sanitation workers in Modesto, CA found while on the job. They pawned jewelry worth up to $2,500 over a period of several months.

You never know what you’re going to find as a sanitation worker, but jewelry might be the most surprising. Pawn shop owners interviewed in the news coverage about the pawned sewer jewelry didn’t have a problem with it since it could easily be sterilized and cleaned. You can read more about the jewelry here:

How about a headstone? According to Jon White of Frontier Pawn, someone once tried to pawn a headstone in his shop. While it wasn’t engraved, he felt uneasy about it and ultimately decided not to buy it. Who can blame him? After all, it’s not everyday you see someone trying to pawn a headstone.

On Pawn Stars, Rick Harrison purchased a rare $1,000 bill from 1918. What was more astonishing was that his father didn’t want to resell it. Instead, he wanted it as a keepsake. There were only 150 of these bills printed and its estimated worth was over $7,000. Who knew that money could be worth so much more than its face value?

You never know what you’re going to find when you walk into a pawn shop. People pawn all sorts of things from the rare to the downright strange and creepy. Whether or not you would want to buy a piece of jewelry found in a sewer or a headstone from a pawn shop, there seems to be something for everyone in a pawn shop. Stop by your local shop today and ask what astonishing items they’ve seen come through their doors this year.