Spring Cleaning with your local Pawn Shop

It’s that time of year when you’ll probably be thinking about de-cluttering your house and garage to get your home ready for the year ahead.  It’s also a great time to free up some spare cash by taking your unwanted, but saleable goods to your local pawn shop.

At Hat City Pawn in Danbury and Norwalk, we pride ourselves on offering a highly personal and discrete service to our customers that allows them to get great value for their goods as well as being a place where it’s possible to find some excellent bargains amongst our selection of stock.

We believe strongly that a pawn shop has a genuine role to play at the heart of the community – providing a convenient place to borrow some cash with a short term loan against your valuables, or as a place to trade goods and gain access to some funds when you need them most.

We’ve built a reputation in the community as being the perfect place to trade when you need us.

As we enter Spring, and the snow of the last couple of months starts to thaw, it’s a good time to free up some space by selling your winter goods and also a good time to buy some of the things that you’ll need later in the year.  Depending on what you have ready to sell we’ll always be able to make an offer.  From valuables like jewelry and gold coins that trade for a high value through to some electrical items such as stereos and modern game consoles, you’ll be able to shift your goods through our store.

At Hat City Pawn we also offer a strong selection of used goods for sale.  Our range of power tools will have something for everyone from professionals through to amateurs, so if you’re planning to remodel your proerty this year, you could save cash on the right tools for the job by browsing our stock.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hat City Pawn in Danbury and Norwalk this year!