Selling Rare Coins to a Pawn Shop

Selling rare coins to a pawn shop is an exciting experience. Many people have coins sitting in cigar boxes, coffee cans and other catch-all places throughout their homes. Perhaps you have a bunch of interesting, old or odd coins you’ve been collecting through the years and are looking to see if they’re of any value. Where can you go do find out their value?

Pawn shops are an ideal place to visit with your collection of coins. At Hat City Pawn, we’re always looking to take in valuable coins. Rare coins are always fun to look at, evaluate and value. Our experienced pawnbrokers will rely on their expertise and online auction sites if necessary to accurately value your coins. If rare, they can be worth a great deal of money. You can use rare coins for a pawn loan or sell them to us for cash in hand.

Coins are interesting because they are valued differently than other types of merchandise. A few of the factors used to determine the value of a coin are the date, country of issue, rarity of the coin, demand for the coin and condition of the coin. In some cases, coins are valuable because they are made from a precious metal. In other cases, coins are valuable because they are rare and sought after by collectors.

Pawn Rare Coins

Pawn Rare Coins at Hat City Pawn

You can get a quick idea about the rarity and value of your coins by searching online or looking at a coin collector’s book. However, in order to really know the value of your potentially rare coins, you will want to stop by your local pawn shop to allow an expert to look at them.

Who knows, you may have a rare coin or two sitting in a coffee can at home. Be sure to stop by Hat City Pawn and have your coins assessed. We always welcome your inquires about any and all coins you think are of value. Upon your visit to Hat City Pawn, we’ll give you an honest assessment of the value of your coins.