Selling Precious Metals in a Pawn Shop

Most people have a variety of precious metals around their home. When you’re looking to free up some cash, you may want to look look around your home for unwanted items containing precious metals.

Old jewelry, coins and bullion are always great sources of precious metals. Look in your garage, attic, sock drawers and anywhere else you or others may have placed items containing precious metals. It’s easy to forget about old jewelry or coins that have been stashed away for safekeeping.

People often find that they can part with these items after finding them collecting dust in bureau drawers, old cigar boxes and jewelry boxes. Sometimes people want to sell their precious metals, but don’t know how or where they can sell them. You may not think about it, but pawn shops are the ideal place to sell your unwanted precious metals.

Selling precious metals in a pawn shop is safe, secure and easy. After stopping in for a visit with your items containing precious metals, you will be confident with the transaction. Pawn brokers are professionals trained in determining the value of precious metals. Most pawn shops will offer a very competitive price for your precious metals.

If you’re reluctant, stop by your local pawn shop for a visit. At Hat City Pawn, we welcome inquiries about any and all items you think are of value. Whether it’s your old costume jewelry or family heirloom’s, we will be happy to give you an honest assessment of the value of your goods.

Precious metals are valued using a different method than with general merchandise. At Hat City Pawn, we perform a nondestructive acid test in order to accurately measure the purity of your precious metals. The purity is measured by 10K, 14K, 18K, etc. Once we determine the purity and weight of your precious metals, we will provide you with an offer based on the purity and weight of the items. Our guarantee is to pay the highest price for gold and silver.

When you go to a pawn shop, you want to be comfortable with the process. At Hat City Pawn, we pride ourselves on confidentiality and privacy. We value our relationships with our customers and offer a secure environment for selling precious metals.