Pawning Jewelry

Pawning jewelry is a fantastic way to free up cash. Chances are you have more valuable jewelry around your home than you think. Take a few minutes to look through your old jewelry boxes and you’re likely to find a few pieces that you are willing to sell to your local pawn shop.

How is Jewelry Valued?

Perhaps you’re reluctant to sell your jewelry to a pawn shop because you don’t know how it is valued. At Hat City Pawn, we assess the value of an item based on its retail value. We use a combination of experience and online auction sites like ebay when necessary to value an item. Because we value you as a customer, we will do our best to give you the highest possible price for your items.


Pawn Jewelty

Pawn Jewelry in CT

Gold and silver are valued differently than other general merchandise. We will perform a nondestructive acid test in order to measure the purity of the precious metal (10K, 14K, 18K, etc.) and then weigh the pieces in order to assess their value based on purity and weight. Here at Hat City Pawn, we pay the highest price for gold and silver guaranteed.

What Kind of Jewelry Can I Pawn?

Hat City Pawn will buy anything of value or that we believe we can sell. We are always looking for gold and silver jewelry, fine watches and engagement rings. However, we welcome you to bring in any of your jewelry and ask us about it. Who knows, it may be a lot more valuable than you think.

There’s no sense in holding onto jewelry that you never use. A good rule of thumb when organizing your belongings is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in a year. Sticking to this practice will keep your home free of clutter. In this case, getting rid of your unwanted jewelry will allow you to make room and free up some cash for new pieces in your collection.

If you have jewelry that you no longer wear, and are interested in getting an honest valuation from a pawn shop in CT, please contact Hat City Pawn today.