How Can I Pawn Precious Metals

Precious metals are ideal goods to pawn because they generally hold their value well. If you’re interested in pawning precious metals you own, then you should consider stopping by your local pawn shop. At Hat City Pawn, we are always looking for precious metals and offer honest assessments of their value.

While we value general merchandise based on their retail value, we value precious metals a little differently. For gold and silver jewelry, we perform a nondestructive acid test. This allows us to accurately measure the purity of your precious metal jewelry.

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The purity is rated by 10K, 14K and so on. Once we determine the purity of your precious metals, we will weigh them. We can then provide you with an accurate offer based on the purity and weight of your precious metals. Our guarantee at Hat City Pawn is to offer the highest price for gold and silver.

Do you have any precious metals in your home? Perhaps you haven’t thought about it, but chances are good that you have some precious metals in your home. Look through your old jewelry boxes and you may be surprised to find old jewelry, coins and other valuables containing precious metals that you can sell or use for a pawn loan. Attics and garages are also great places to look for forgotten valuables in your home.

Perhaps you have precious metals to pawn, but you’re not sure about pawning them because they hold sentimental value. At Hat City Pawn, you can be confident in pawning your precious metals with sentimental value.

If you take out a pawn loan, you will have 30 days from the date you walk out with cash in hand to repay your loan. If you are unable to repay your loan in 30 days, you can renew your cash loan for another 30 days. Your renewal will come with a monthly fee. This way you won’t have to forfeit your valuables if you fall on tough times during your pawn loan period.

You are always welcome to stop by Hat City Pawn with your precious metals. We will be happy to further explain how you can pawn precious metals so you are comfortable with the process. Stop by today for a quick, honest and professional appraisal of your precious metals.