Happy Thanksgiving – What are you most thankful for?

Thanksgiving is a time for focusing on what really matters in life. It is a time when people can take a day out of their busy lives to give thanks for things and people they too often take for granted. While day to day life can become very mundane and tedious, gathering around a harvest table with family and close friends can call to mind the important things we often overlook including family relationships, friendships and the comforts of home, wholesome food and good conversation.

The pace of life today makes it difficult to see beyond the frustrations of daily life. Buzzing alarm clocks, busy traffic, slow and malfunctioning technology, hurried interactions with people throughout the day and tight deadlines can all add up to a stressful lifestyle for most people. Family life can be equally as busy and stressful as work life, especially if you have children who are learning, growing and testing boundaries each day as they develop into well-rounded, confident individuals.

While the lore surrounding the first Thanksgiving goes back to the first settlers of this country, the holiday is now an important time for many people to spend quality time with their families and friends. It is a time to recharge, refresh and reboot. During this time, many people have an opportunity to gain some perspective on their lives and the direction they want to take as the year comes to an end.

Many people find that they want to spend more time focused on their relationships with others. Too often, people are focused on acquiring and caring for their possessions and the clutter takes away from their full ability to enjoy their lives. In an effort to achieve a more simple lifestyle that is oriented on relationships, many people find it is a great opportunity to get rid of their clutter. Pawn shops are a great way to free up clutter and get some cash at the same time. You can relieve a lot of stress in your life by getting rid of the clutter in your home. In turn, you can free up space, time and money to focus on the important people in your life.

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?