Discretion from a Pawn Shop

For whatever reason, some people view pawn shops negatively. Often this negative opinion is unfounded. It is generally based on a lack of knowledge and experience with pawn shops. People who actually frequent pawn shops see them in an entirely different way. For regular pawn shop customers, pawn shops are a fun place to find interesting items, sell unwanted stuff and take out pawn loans when they need extra cash.

While the public perception of pawn shops may have you wary about stopping by, you’re really missing out. Pawn shops are typically locally owned and you won’t find better customer service. Do yourself a favor and stop by your local pawn shops. After visiting with the pawn brokers, you’ll feel like you’ve been a customer for years.

People are sometimes embarrassed to have to pawn their valuable items. While this is understandable, there is no need to be embarrassed. At Hat City Pawn, we understand how difficult these economic times are for many, many people. Our customers can expect complete discretion at both of our pawn shop locations. Your privacy will be protected and you will walk away with your dignity intact.

Pawn Shop Symbol

The traditional sign of a pawn shop

Another common concern people have is the safety and security of their pawned valuables. Sometimes people pawn items that hold special value to them and want to make sure they will be safe for the duration of their pawn loans. Hat City Pawn takes great pride in securing its customers pawned items. In fact, we have a state-of-the-art security system and burglary safes to secure all pawned items. Your valuables will be stored in a secure area away from the retail showroom.

At Hat City Pawn, we value your privacy and take pride in maintaining the confidentiality of our customers.   We never disclose confidential information to the public and will only disclose confidential information to the proper authorities if an investigation has been initiated. You can count on discretion, professionalism and a friendly-smile when you visit our shops.

Needing to take out a pawn loan is nothing to be ashamed of, especially in these tough economic times. Many people find that pawn loans are a convenient, discrete and easy option for freeing up some cash. Once you’ve tried it out, you may find that you prefer it to other common options such as bank loans or borrowing from family. Pawn loans are quick, easy and well-worth your consideration when you need some extra money.