5 Most Popular Items in Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are great places to find almost anything. Shoppers appreciate the eclectic and always changing inventory offered by many pawn shops. Whether you’re looking for a baseball card to add to your collection, a unique piece of jewelry, a musical instrument, a popular consumer electronics device or a drill to finish up a weekend project, you are likely to find what you need at your local pawn shop. If for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask. Chances are good, your pawnbroker will be able to find it for you.


While pawn shops will take in anything they believe they will be able to sell, some items are more popular than others. Here at the 5 most popular items in pawn shops:


For obvious reasons, jewelry is always popular in pawn shops. People come in to pawn their unwanted jewelry and others come in looking to find a deal on something special. Gold and silver jewelry command more value. As such, jewelry containing precious metals is often used as collateral in pawn loans. Pawn shops are always looking for nice jewelry pieces to add to their inventory.

Moussaieff Red Diamond

Moussaieff Red Diamond


Pawn shops buy and sell a lot of consumer electronics. Televisions, entertainment systems, gaming systems and other electronics are very popular among bargain hunters. For people looking to free up some cash with a loan, electronics are often a good option, because they are valuable and are often used very little.


Tools are a popular commodity in pawn shops. People will often buy tools for a weekend project and never use them again. As a result, they are often used by people who come to pawn shops looking to free up cash. Shoppers know that pawn shops are often a good place to find gently used tools. Instead of paying full price for a new tool, the tools sold in pawn shops are a great alternative.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments and their related equipment are always hot sellers in pawn shops. Whether you’re looking for a guitar or an amplifier, you’ll likely find a deal at your local pawn shop.

Clapton Blackie Stratocaster


People who are looking to free up some cash often use firearms as collateral for their pawn loans. Most people only use their guns for hunting a few times a year, so they make a good item to pawn. Plus, they hold their value very well. People looking to buy a gun often look at pawn shops because they can find nice used guns at a reasonable price.


What’s your favorite pawn shop find?